Burma Banks

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Burma Banks Diving

Burma Banks are undersea mountains that rise from 350m deep to flat topped plateaus at 15m below the surface. The peaks are covered with large coral and colourful reef fish. Currents flowing past these peaks bring up plankton from deep below, this is turn attracts small fish which attracts bigger fish. The draw to Burma Banks are the large marine animals, especially the the sharks! Nurse sharks (up to 3m long) and Silver Tips (up to 1.8m long) are seen on virtually every dive, these sharks don't bother divers however they can become aggressive when bait is around. Large potato cod up to 2m are also seen in certain spots.

The sea here is an amazing blue colour, visibility can be as good as 45m at times.

Drift Diving

Burma Banks are some way out to sea so drift diving is the only way to experience them. Currents are often strong, you can drift large distances (up to 1km) during a dive and currents can change by 90° or 180° very quickly, for this reason strict safety measures are implemented by the liveaboard operators who go here. Burma Banks are only for very experienced divers, the open ocean element is enough to discourage many. Divers must always stay with their buddy, often divers must stay in groups of 4. Several other safety measures are in place including all divers having a safety sausage as drifting off from the dive boat so far out to sea would be catastrophic.


If you want to visit Burma Banks you should plan your trip well in advance. Your liveaboard should be able to help with visas etc.