Koh Surin Diving

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Koh Surin Diving and Snorkeling

Mu Ko Surin offers amazing opportunities for diving and snorkelling with it's warm turquoise waters that often offer 30m+ visibility. The array of colourful marine life to be seen is endless, expect to see turtles, trigger fish, giant clams, Napoleon wrasse, parrot fish, soft coral, batfish, moray eels - even manta rays and whale sharks.

Snorkelling in Koh Surin

titan triggerfish

There are many places to snorkel all around the Surin Islands, equipment can be rented easily for 200 baht for a set per day. High tide is the best time as currents (if any) are at their slowest and the risk of damaging the coral is low. There are organised tours you can join to experience many different locations in a single day, alternatively you can rent a long tail boat for your own trip. Don't feel that snorkeling is second best to diving here, most of the best spots are easily accessible to snorkelers.

Snorkeling Tips
  • Ensure your equipment fits well before you leave
  • Wear a T-shirt to prevent you back from getting sunburned
  • High tide is the best time, low tide the worst, currents are strongest at mid tide

Diving in Koh Surin

diver and seafan

The dive sites around Koh Surin tend to be similar to the Similans, but less crowded and there are several larger species, such as the Napoleon wrasse, that you don't find at the Similans. Certain sites almost guarantee a sighting of manta rays, Richelieu Rock is one of the best places in the world to see whale sharks. The Surin Islands are also very well known for giant clams.

Equipment can be rented from the islands themselves however there's a lack of dive shops on the islands so you have to organise dives with longtail boats yourself, there are some dive shops on the mainland. A far better, and more popular, alternative is a liveaboard dive cruise - this way you get to go to all the best sites. Do still visit the islands for a few days, the scenery is breathtaking, some say it surpasses even the Similans.

See Surin Islands dive sites for in depth details.