Ko Surin Diving

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Koh Surin is just about the best place for snorkeling and diving in Thailand, more than 90% of visitors coming to Mu Ko Surin come to go snorkeling and diving. Snorkeling and diving is very easy at Surin Islands with numerous dive sites within easy reach. Ko Surin has a very rich marine life including manta rays, sea turtles, giant clams and marine shrimps. Mu Ko Surin is a meeting place of two different ecosystems:

  • The tropical rain forest on the islands themselves
  • And the largest, most beautiful and most abundant shallow water coral reef in Thailand.

Ko Surin is a place where divers flock attracted by the amazing underwater scenery and excellent visibility. The stunning beaches and tropical scenery coupled with turquoise sea make these islands a picture postcard tropical paradise.

Ko Surin Islands

Surin Islands archipelago consists of 5 islands, the largest being Ko Surin Nua and Ko Surin Tai which have more than 10 bays which are easily accessible. Mu Ko Surin national park was declared in 1981, in recent years the islands have become very popular with those looking to get off the beaten track. The Surin Islands are located close to the Thai/Burma border, 55km from the mainland and 100km north of the also amazing Similan Islands, Phuket lies 160km to the south. The islands are relatively remote which is the main reason why they're so pristine.

Koh Surin Diving

General scuba diving depths are between 3 to 40 meters. The Surin Islands are very rich in plankton which is why you can see giant pelagics cruising about. Visibility is fair to good 15 to 35 meters. There are few facilities aside from a park operated restaurant on Koh Surin Neua, where scuba diving and snorkelling equipment are also available for rent, being a national park there are few dive shops so it's best to organise your diving in advance of your visit. See the Koh Surin diving page for full details of dive sites.

Koh Surin Accommodation

Ko Surin accommodation consists of bungalows and tents, the permanent tents offer the mildest form of camping you're likely to experience anywhere in the world due to the climate and their sun lounger type beds. See the Koh Surin hotels page for full details.

Koh Surin Liveaboard Diving

Divers looking to get the most out of the Koh Surin Islands join one of the liveaboard dive boats that cover the best dive sights in the area. Usually these cruises include Richelieu Rock, a world famous dive site for seeing whale sharks.

Most liveaboard cruises also stop at Ko Bon and Ko Tachai, both of which offer good opportunities to see Leopard Sharks and Manta Rays.