Koh Surin National Park

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Mu Ko Surin National Park

Ko Surin was made into a National Park area on 9 July, 1981. The best time to visit Mu Ko Surin National Park is from December to March.


Mu Ko Surin National Park is an archipelago located in the Andaman sea to the west of southern Thailand. It is approximately 60 km from the Coast of Phang-Nga Province in the southern peninsula region.

This places it just slightly north west of Kuraburi and north west of Phuket, just a few nautical miles south of the Burmese border, 110 nm to Phuket and 50 nm from the Similan Islands.

The boat to Mu Ko Surin departs from Kuraburi on the Thai mainland.


There are two main seasons, the hot season and the rainy season. The hot season starts at the middle of February and runs until May. The rainy season starts mid may and runs until September. The heaviest rainfall occurs in September.

Annual rainfall is very high, more than 3 metres.

The average related humidity is 83 percent.


The protected area of the park covers an area of approximately 135 km2 and 75% of this protected area is sea.The archipelago hosts the biggest and best fertile shallow coral reef of Thailand. There are two main islands and three smaller islands, making five in total.

The two main islands are Ko Surin Nua (North Surin Island) and Ko Surin Tai (South Surin Island).

The channel between the two main islands (sometimes called the "cut channel bay") is about 200 metres wide and two metres deep at high tide. This shallow channel has one of the most remarkable examples of coral reef life to be found anywhere. You don't need Scuba gear to explore the marvelous coral, just a snorkel and mask is sufficient. At low tide, you can wade from island to island.

The main islands have tropical rainforest plants. Then there is to the north of the group, an island called Ko Ree (also known as Ko Satok) and to the south of the group an island called Ko Khai (also known as Ko Torinla) (see map).

Just west of Ko Surin Tai is the island Ko Glang (also known as Ko Pachumba and sometimes as Ko Mungkorn)

These other three islands are rock islands with some dwarf trees.