Richelieu Rock

manta ray whale shark nudibranch tropical sunset turtle

Richelieu Rock - a Whale Shark paradise

whale shark silhouette

Richelieu Rock lies 8 nautical miles east of the Surin Islands. This world-class dive site is by far the best in Thailand and the place to see Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. No diver should come to the area and miss this site.

You will encounter more of them here than at any other location. Swimming along with these huge fish lets a diver's dream come true. The Richelieu Rock is a Whale Sharks paradise. The underwater scenery changes as you alternate between the east and the west side of these enormous underwater rock formations.

But Richelieu Rock has much more to offer than just large pelagic fish. This rocky outcrop is covered in soft corals and seems to act like a magnet when it comes to attracting fish. Every imaginable variety of fish is here including the shy and elsewhere rarely seen Sawfish and Shovelnose Ray or Guitarfish. You could spend hours observing the mating rituals of Cuttlefish and Leopard Sharks. Watch schools of Barracudas cruise by while thousands of colourful Fusiliers swirl around the rocks. This is truly a very special place!

The best way to see Richelieu Rock is on a Liveaboard Dive Tour.