Koh Surin Underwater Nature Trail

manta ray whale shark nudibranch tropical sunset turtle

The First Underwater Nature Trail in Thailand

This trail was created to promote knowledge and experience in environmental education on coral reefs, by snorkeling and diving from stop to stop requiring no more than average snorkeling and diving skills.

It takes not more than 30 min. to cover the trail, which consists of 10 stops.

There are large numbered signs tied underwater and by reading the information provided for each stop in the underwater manual, a whole new world will open up to you.

If you are interested in doing the trail, please contact the park rangers to borrow the underwater manual and also rent a boat to reach the start point (about 15 min).

Here are the stops:

  1. Funny Anemone-fishes There are nine False Clown Anemonefish living here with the sea anemones. Each has a different behaviour. The mother fish usually comes out to protect her family.
  2. Large Tabulate Corals The coral reef ecosystem is a rich but limited habitat. Bottom dwelling species have their own means for survival in the struggle of life.
  3. Huge Giant Clam There are only 3 species of giant clams left in Thailand. This particular giant clam is one of the largest ones reported in Thailand.
  4. Fire Corals (Millepora tenella) Fire corals are actually jellyfish and they have a potent poison, these are found all around the Surin Islands.
  5. Massive Corals and Fish Bites Parrotfish mainly eat corals. Their parrot-like beaks work very well to scrape corals. Here, you can see the results.
  6. Diverse Corals This stop tells the story of several species and forms of corals such as massive corals, branching corals, and submassive corals.
  7. Soft Corals They are not like other corals. Discounting their soft bodies, there are many other factors that make them different. Take a closer look.
  8. Natural Dead Corals
  9. Net Fragments caught on coral. Coral can be destroyed by human beings in several ways either intentionally or not.